Our Mission Statement

VISION: Our vision is to create the experience of dignity within ourselves and others.

MISSION: Our mission is to acknowledge the needs of others and engage them in a beneficial relationship.


Empathy: We understand we need to be sensitive to the experiences of others.

Respect:  We honor each other.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves in accordance with our values.

Pride:  We share a passion for providing the best care (in our relationships).

Education:  We strive to maintain a learning environment for ourselves and others.

Testimonials from our Patients

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Also to your lovely staff.



Thanks for taking good care of me during my treatment. You have inspired me to floss every day without fail.



I have complete faith in this dental office and won’t go anywhere else for my cleanings.



I was so impressed with your (front office staff) thoroughness and all the detail she went into. She has a great conversational manner about her and I was comfortable. Dr. Nakatani has a real jewel with her.



Testimonials from Other Dentists

Great implant placement, angulation and provisional! Thank you for making my job easy! The patient is very happy with your work and his new tooth.



I was very impressed on how you returned (patient) to me as a restorative dentist. Thank you, you have made life easy and the results will be wonderful. You do good work.



You and your team are to be commended for the easy transition of (patient) to our office for the restoration. It was effortless and we achieved a nice result.



I do want to tell you that doing the implants with you has been much more rewarding and less challenging. Makes me want to do more.