Pre-Op Instructions

Please dress comfortably for your appointment. NOTE: All Implant patients should NOT wear makeup to the appointment.

Remember that EXCELLENT home care is essential for long term successful treatment. We will instruct you on all post-surgical care at the time of surgery.

Eat a moderate breakfast or lunch PRIOR to your appointment. This will help maintain optimum nutrition for best healing and to minimize upsetting your stomach due to the medication that will be prescribed. You will be able to eat on the day of the appointment, however, please wait until the anesthetic has worn off. Prepare for a softer diet for the first 1-2 days after surgery. AVOID spicy, hard, crunchy or crusty foods.

If at all possible, AVOID taking aspirin products 5 days prior to your appointment as this “thins” the blood and increases bleeding time.

A local anesthetic will be used so you will be able to drive yourself or use public transportation to and from the appointment.

AVOID strenuous activities 1-2 days following surgery (i.e. aerobics, jogging, tennis, biking, etc…) so please plan your schedule accordingly.

Medication will be prescribed to help control any post-surgical discomfort. Please inform us of any allergies or “bad reactions” you may have experienced with any medication so that we can prescribe an alternative.

Special Instructions:

  • If you are prescribed a sedative for your appointment, you WILL NEED a driver both TO and FROM your appointment.
  • If you  are allergic to or have had “bad reactions” to any antibiotics, please inform our office so that we can plan accordingly should antibiotics be prescribed.
  • If sutures are placed, you will need to return to our office in approximately 2 weeks for a post-operative observation appointment of the surgical site. In most cases, dissolvable sutures will be placed; however, should non-dissolvable sutures be placed, they will need to be removed approximately 3-4 weeks (or longer) after treatment. More observation appointments may be scheduled, if necessary. NOTE: All post-operative appointments are included in the surgical fee as long as treatment provided at the post-operative visit pertains to the surgical site.

Subsequent to surgery, your teeth may be sensitive to hot and/or cold temperature changes. The sensitivity should decrease over the next 8-12 weeks. On occasion, sensitivity may linger for a longer period of time.

You may also notice looseness/mobility in the surgical area. This is a normal occurrence. After sufficient healing, looseness/mobility should return to the same level prior to treatment.

Post-Op Instructions